Introducing Outram

A warm welcome to our Outram School website. I invite you to explore all the information we have shared about our school, our pupils, our staff and our school community. We are proud of all we do at Outram and I am confident you will enjoy this 'snapshot' of all that happens within our busy learning environment.

Return often to check on updates. For further information please view our information book.

If you are ever in Outram, please call in; I will be more than happy to give you the guided tour. 

Kim Allan
Outram School Principal


Outram School is a full Year 1 to Year 8, Primary School. We have a roll of approximately 175 students. The school has a wide catchment across the Taieri Plain. Students come from the Outram Village and beyond. Three bus routes bring students from Woodside, Allanton, the Maungatua Rd/Berwick area and from the Momona area. Henley is within the school zone but is not served by a bus.
This year, we have seven classrooms organised into two learning teams, Junior and Senior.
The school is set in pleasant surroundings with well-established trees, gardens and playing areas. The school is well resourced. Facilities include a school pool, the Allen Centre Library and Vision space, School Hall and Workshop, After School Care facilities and Mechanics Shed.

Our Vision

From strong roots we grow children who love learning, develop passions and reach their potential.

We Provide:

  • A school with vision and direction
  • Multi-level class groupings which challenge and extend children's abilities, foster responsibility and develop social skills
  • A family atmosphere of caring and sharing
  • Opportunities for gifted and talented children through programmes offered
  • Up to date technology - a computer network linking all classrooms in addition to internet access
  • Comprehensive sports and music programmes throughout the school
  • Classroom programmes tailored to meet individual student learning styles
  • A well-resourced, attractive, information centre (Allen Centre)
  • Fully resourced science, art and technology centre (The Workshop)
  • A covered, heated swimming pool
  • A bus service to outlying areas
  • High standards and expectations for student learning
  • An experienced and stable staff
  • A proven record of our children being placed in accelerant classes on entering secondary school
  • An OSCAR funded/subsidised after school care programme for working parents